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Top 5 open source alternatives to Google Analytics

Analytics: Charts and Graphs
If you have a website or run an online business, collecting data on where your visitors or customers come from, where they land on your site, and where they leave is vital. Why? That information can help you better target your products and services, and beef up the pages that are turning people away.

To gather that kind of information, you need a web analytics tool.

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Ceiling of Aminoddole Carvansarai, Kashan, Iran.jpg

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Mute swan cygnet pontoon in Prospect Park (80364).jpg

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My open source video game for Open Jam

Gaming with penguin pawns
This year, I joined in on the Open Jam, a "game jam" in which programmers around the world dedicate a weekend to create open source games. The jam is essentially an excuse to spend a weekend coding, and the majority of the games that come out of the challenge are small distractions rather than something you're likely to play for hours on end. But they're fun, diverse, and open source, and that's a pretty good feature list for a game.

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Wikimedia Commons picture of the day for October 10

Picture of the day
Plain tiger (Danaus chrysippus chrysippus) male underside.jpg
A male Plain Tiger (Danaus chrysippus chrysippus) butterfly near Kumarakom, Kerala, India. Known in Africa as the African Monarch, it is one of the first butterflies depicted in art: a representation was found in a 3500-year-old tomb in Luxor, Egypt.

Hilly Painted Dunes scenery.jpg

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California Honeydrops Live at Whalerock 2019 on 2019-09-15

California Honeydrops Whalerock 2019 Main Stage Templeton,CA 2019-09-19 01.Intro/Soundcheck 02.Tell Me(I Wanna Know) 03.Come See About Me 04.Show Me Way to Go Home 05.Music in the Air 06.Live Learn 07.Going Back 08.Tribute to Boddy Bland 09.You Better Jam 10.While The Storms Passed Overhead ....

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Bush canopy during sunset in Lake Kaniere Scenic Reserve, West Coast, New Zealand.jpg

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Billy Bragg Live at Irving Plaza on 1998-12-11

Billy Bragg & the Blokes 1998-12-11 Irving Plaza, NYC source: dsbd Jerry Moore's dat clone lineage: sbd dat master > source dat sony pcm-r500 > hd-p2 > adobe audition cs6 > tlh flac tranfer/seed by Rob Berger may 2013 shn# 124643 disc one: 66:24 01 - The World Turned Upside Down 02 - St....

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Calliteara pudibunda caterpillar - Keila1.jpg

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Milyagon Treasure Hunt

Snowy Owl by Francois Nicolas Martinet & Georges Louis Leclerc Comte de Buffon dated between 1770-1786 , public domain

Milyagon Treasure Hunt

Week One

Ari, Caper, and Tude (Ari’s wildcat) got a message from Kendrick to go see the witch at Milyagon. The witch gave them their quest, to bring back an owl’s tail feather, some squamish mushrooms, and a branch from the ancestor tree in the Wilkin Woods. She also mentioned that no one knew more about Wilken Woods than the woodcutter.

The party went and talked to the woodcutter who drew them a map and gave them sage advice about the fairies.

They entered Wilkin Woods and traveled nearly all the way across it on Woods Way. About halfway across they ventured south and found the first marked owl’s eyrie. Returning to Woods Way by traveling due north they found a landmark, a tree with a burl on it that looked a little bit like a face with knotholes for eyes.

Continuing along Woods Way they realize they must have passed the second marked eyrie. Caper leads the party back, leaving the road to the west of the eyrie which they also find. It is now evening so they eat supper and prepare to camp hoping for more luck with these owls in the night.

Week Two

Ari, Tude, and Caper were joined by Bones under the owl eyrie. The party erected a large tarp using rope and Bones’ tent hoping to catch a naturally falling owl’s feather. Caper climbed a tree trying to make friends with an owl but when it started to get dark he had to come down. They attracted two owls by putting out some meat in a cook pot on a tripod.

Then Ari threw Tude’s ball under some bushes. Tude ran over and flushed a bunch of rodents and bunnies. For a few minutes there was a flurry of owls feeding. The next time Tude ran under a bush Caper shot a little bunny rabbit. Holding the dead bunny Caper called to the owls with a series of hoots. An owl landed on Capers outstretched arm and started feeding. With his other arm he slowly petted the owl. And then he had a hold on the tail feather that had been bothering this owl. Bones said we should scare the owl. Tude tried to scare it and Caper added in some cat noises and the owl flew off leaving one tail feather behind. Caper handed the feather to Ari for safekeeping.

We went south looking for the fairy circle trying to get some help from the fairies finding the ancestor tree. Ari and Caper kept true south while Bones scouted east and west. Bones was about a quarter mile to the west when he found the fairy circle. He jumped right in it and started dancing but fortunately he made his saving throw and didn’t fall into Feyland.

Bones stayed near the fairy circle and after a while Ari and Caper noticed he was late. Ari asked Caper if he had anything with Bones scent on it so Tude could track Bones by scent. Caper held his rope out for Tude to smell and then they followed Tude west to Bones.

Caper found some rocks for chairs and sat down about 20 ft. from the fairy circle and played his flute. Sure enough some pretty fairies came to listen to the music and the party started up a conversation with them.

Week Three

In which we recover all the loot, branches from the ancestor tree, squamish mushrooms, and a tailfeather from an owl, and complete our quest.

Last week we left off talking to the fairies near the fairy circle. Cautious not to ask a favor and indebt ourselves to them we finally found out that the fairies remembered when the woodcutter came through here and found the ancestor tree. When the fairies pointed out the trail that the woodcutter took, Caper couldn’t see it but Ari and Bones could and Caper soon discovered that it was a game trail and he could also help follow it with his tracking skills.

After hiking for about 4 hours we found ourselves at the foot of a large hill. The trail seemed to continue up the hill but it was not distinct. We decided to climb to the top before dark even though we were already tired.

It was dusk when we got to the top so we waited for dark to see if the big tree at the top of this hill was the ancestor tree. Ari detected magic on the tree and it was magical. She detected magic on branches on the ground and they were not. So this might not be the ancestor tree but at least we were in the right vicinity.

The moon was already up in the sky when the sun set. Soon it was dark and the moon lit the treetops but we didn’t see a fey glow. Bones helped Caper up to the first branch and Caper carefully climbed to the top where he could look out over the moonlit forest. After Caper got back to the ground he said, “I think we’ve come too far. The moonlit glow is brightest to the northwest and I think the ancestor tree is back a ways in the direction we came.”

In the morning Bones suggested that Caper climb the tree again for a daytime view but it was slick with dew and Caper couldn’t do it. (I rolled a 4) So we headed back down the hill the way we came and at the bottom with the sun peeking up over the eastern horizon we searched for a path up a hill to the northwest. Soon we were climbing the next hill and were at the top well before noon.

Of course there was a big tree at the top of this hill too. Bones boosted Caper up and he was easily able to scramble up to the top. When Caper climbed back down he said, “The next hill to the northwest is even taller than this one. I’m not sure the ancestor tree is there but I’m pretty sure this isn’t the ancestor tree.” So after we ate we continued on to the northwest again. Ascending the next hill we found a huge tree. It was time for supper. After we ate we thought we would look around for squamish mushrooms just in case this was the ancestor tree. Bones found a patch of them due west and then Ari found a big patch north of them.

After the sun set the big tree glowed brighter than the moon. We went to the big patch of mushrooms and followed the moonbeams penetrating the forest canopy and shining on the ground. With half the night gone Bones finally saw the moonbeams light some mushrooms and he was able to pick five of them which barely covered the bottom of the witch’s bag.

In the morning we ate and although we were tired we decided to search for a branch from the ancestor tree before we slept. We searched here and we searched there and then Ari found a big branch just north of the tree. She detected magic on the branch and sure enough it was a branch from the ancestor tree. Caper searched again to the northeast and Bones searched around close to the tree. Bones found one but Ari couldn’t tell if it was magic or not. Caper suggested that Ari carry her branch and that Bones should carry his back to the witch to find out if it is magic.

After their naps Ari searched for medicinal plants and Caper searched for mushrooms. Ari found a fever plant and harvested leaves. Caper found two large mushrooms he knew to be edible but when Ari detected magic on them she discovered that they were magical and Caper decided not to eat the magic mushrooms until he had talked to the witch about them.

It took two more nights to find enough mushrooms. The third night we spread out a little with Bones looking at the patch to the west while Ari and Caper looked at the big patch. We had good luck toward morning. With the moon near full it didn’t set until almost sunrise. We ended up with 30 mushrooms. 20 filled the witch’s bag half full and Ari put the other ten in another bag stowing them carefully in her pack.

Although we were tired we decided to hike on back to Milyagon. We found a game trail heading east and we left the Wilken Woods in the farmlands to the west of Milyagon. Soon we were across the bridge and at the Inn having a hot dinner, something Caper really missed while they were camping.

After we ate it was a short walk to the witch’s cottage to the northeast of town and she was vary glad to see us. She kept the branch Ari was carrying saying it would do fine. She looked at the branch Bones found and said it was also from the ancestor tree and was in fact a magic quarterstaff. She told Bones to keep it and thanked him for his help. When Ari showed her the two bags of mushrooms she was delighted and said that she would teach Ari how to make the squamish salve and she could keep the extra for her medicine kit. She grinned wide when she saw the tailfeather, stuck it in her bonnet where it looked right at home, rolled her eyes three times, touched her nose, and said, “Yes, this will do nicely. My thanks to all of you.” Then Caper showed the witch his magic mushrooms found beneath the ancestor tree and the witch said, “Now these are nice. These mushrooms are not dangerous but they should be consumed in moderation. One half of one of these large mushrooms will affect three people as if they had two large tankards of ale. And, of course, the mushrooms are much easier to carry then a keg of ale. Unlike ale the mushrooms don’t slow you down in fact they do the opposite and make you slightly more dextrous for about four hours.”

Slight Denouement

Caper and Bones found a bench under an oak tree and sat down to rest while Ari and the witch made the squamish salve.

They ground the squamish mushrooms into a paste with wild cherries and sage to make the salve which is good for treating carbuncles and other skin ailments and can also cure light wounds. About 2/3 of the salve filled a jar the witch had set aside so she went and got a smaller jar which she filled and gave to Ari.

With that task done Ari and the witch walked over to Caper and Bones and the witch said, “The items are for the Ogre up in the foothills Northwest of Milyagon. He has been under pressure from orcs and hobgoblins moving in. The branch makes a magic quarterstaff to fend them off and the mushrooms are the important ingredient in a salve for his carbunkles. And the feather? That’s for his hat. The Ogre has a magic hat and the owl’s feather, willingly given, is a component of the spell. He is smart for an ogre because of the hat so it is very important that the feather in his cap does not become bedraggled.”

Enlightened but still very tired the party made their way back to the inn where they ate a hearty supper and turned in early for the night glad to be sleeping on beds under a roof instead of on the ground under the stars.

This story unfolded over three nights of play on discord. Vivian played Ari and Tude, Carl played Bones, I was the DM playing Caper as an NPC. I also wrote the quest soon to be published as a minizine. The text is licensed CC-BY.

Mickey Hart Band Live at Polaris Amphitheater on 1996-07-15

Mickey Hart's Mystery Box Polaris Amphitheater Columbus, OH July 15, 1996 "Futhur Festival" Source: FOB: Schoeps CMC6 MK4-> Sonosax P/S-> Panasonic SV-255-> DAT Tape Transfer: Dat Tape (Panasonic SV-3700)-> Marantz CDR-615-> CD (Late 90's) Extract Wav-> Flac Level 8-> Tagged (16/44.1) Taped (Tom Lak....

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Alcedo atthis - Riserve naturali e aree contigue della fascia fluviale del Po.jpg

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Tres Aere

Performed at my Junior Recital in the ASU Fine Arts Recital Hall on March 13, 2013, Tres Aere is a light swing number that's easy to like. This was the final number at the concert and it was performed by the 10:00 Small Group.

Moshe Ganbash - Shiviti - Google Art Project.jpg

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Dave Alvin Live at Moe's Alley on 2013-12-21

:: set one :: 01. Introduction 02. Chicken Shack Boogie 03. Sugarbee 04. Just Because 05. Hoodoo Man Blues 06. Don't Lie to Me 07. You Don't Have to Go 08. Earl's Guitar Rhumba 09. Going Home 10. Light's Out 11....

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This Python script mimics Babbage's Difference Engine

Math formulas in green writing
In Use this Python script to simulate Babbage's Difference Engine, Python offered an alternative solution to Babbage's problem of determining the number of marbles in a two-dimensional pyramid. Babbage's Difference Engine solved this using a table showing the number of marble rows and the total number of marbles.

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Robert Randolph [and the Family Band] Live at Gathering Of The Vibes, Greig Farms on 2001-06-31

Robert Randolph & The Family Band 2001-06-30 Gathering Of The Vibes Greig Farms Red Hook, NY LINEAGE Master Dsbd Sony D7 @ 16-441> Play Back Panasonic Sv3700> >Cool Edit Pro @ 16-441 Recorded Transfered On 8-1-19## & Tracked BEERENGINEER Runtime 48.56 Sound Quality Is VG-EX Sat In A Box 17 + Yea....

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Run the Linux command line on your iPad

collection of hardware on blue backround
Did you know that you can run a Linux command line on your iOS device? You might be asking, "why would I want to use text-based applications on my tiny iPhone?" OK, fair enough. That is a pretty reasonable question. But if you're reading, you probably know the answer: Linux users want to be able to use any device, and they also want to use their own customizations.

And most of all, they want a challenge.

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Mexican clay skulls.jpg

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The Naval Battle Near Ecnomus (256 BC).jpg

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Palais de l'Isle in Annecy 11.jpg

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Blocking Wikimedia from becoming a WIPO observer is unacceptable

This week, the member states of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) postponed a decision on the Wikimedia Foundation’s application to become an official observer of this organization. China raised concerns, at the 53rd WIPO General Assembly, that the Wikimedia Foundation “has been carrying out political activities through its member organizations which could undermine the state’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” The Wikimedia Foundation would need to provide further clarifications about the volunteer-led Wikimedia Taiwan chapter and about Wikimedia’s “Taiwan-related positions.” Discussion will resume at an extraordinary session of the General Assembly in early 2021.

This decision came as a shock to many observers of WIPO, since there has only been one case in recent memory where an observer status application to WIPO has not been accepted. In 2014, the Pirate Party International was rejected due to being a federation of political parties. As highlighted by the United States in its statement in support of Wikimedia Foundation’s application, “allowing the Wikimedia foundation to participate as an observer would be entirely consistent with the established precedent at WIPO of supporting other existing observers and Member States that also have some affiliation with Taiwan.”

According to Amanda Keton, General Counsel of the Wikimedia Foundation,
“(t)he objection by the Chinese delegation limits Wikimedia’s ability to engage with WIPO and interferes with the Foundation’s mission to strengthen access to free knowledge everywhere.”

Indeed, observer status is a necessary condition for Wikimedia to participate in WIPO discussions, including discussions where norm setting in copyright is concerned. Ongoing discussions on exceptions and limitations to copyright (in the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights), on the impact of artificial intelligence on intellectual property (in the context of the WIPO Conversation on Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence), and on the use of copyrighted content on online sharing platforms (a topic that WIPO has recently revived through an International Conference on The Global Digital Content Market) are of utmost important to access to knowledge organizations.

It was particularly disappointing that the European Union and its Member States remained silent in the discussion. Apart from a statement from Group B (which includes Western European countries, Norway, the United States, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Israel and the Holy See), urging the approval of all requests for observer status and alluding to the principles of “transparency and inclusiveness” at WIPO, the EU was nowhere to be heard in the discussion.

Considering that the European Union promotes the participation of civil society organizations in its legislative processes, we would have expected a statement of support in the vein of the one delivered by the United States. The EU’s silence is even more disappointing considering that Wikimedia has participated actively in EU legal processes, particularly in discussions surrounding the recent EU copyright reform. In addition, many of the European chapters of the Wikimedia movement are currently involved in the implementation of the new EU Copyright Directive.

The Wikimedia Foundation is a legitimate civil society stakeholder in the area of access to knowledge. Not admitting its application to the status of observer of a UN organisation that shapes the legal framework for access to knowledge and information would be unacceptable. Therefore, we hope (and strongly urge) that the WIPO General Assembly will accept Wikimedia Foundation’s application at the next meeting without any further delays.

The post Blocking Wikimedia from becoming a WIPO observer is unacceptable appeared first on International Communia Association.

5 questions to ask yourself when writing project documentation

A person writing.
Before getting down to the actual writing part of documenting another one of your open source projects, and even before interviewing the experts, it's a good idea to answer some high-level questions about your new document.

Renowned communication theorist Harold Lasswell wrote in his 1948 article, The Structure and Function of Communication in Society:
[A]convenient way to describe an act of communication is to answer the following questions:
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Alabama Shakes Live at Artpark on 2015-09-22

Alabama Shakes Artpark Lewiston, NY September 22, 2015 remastered 16 bit version Taper: Bigdaddybflo Gear: DPA4061 > CA9100 > DR-07 Mastered by }{eywood Lineage: DR-07 (recording at 24/48) > USB > Adobe Audition 1.5 (EQ, splits & fades, peak limiting) > Xrecode II (conversion to 16/44.1) > TLH (sect....

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North Mississippi Allstars Live at The Continental Club on 2000-07-20

01. Shake 'Em on Down > 02. Drinking Muddy Water 03. Po' Black Maddie > 04. Skinny Woman > 05. Po Black Maddie 06. Going Down South 07. K.C. Jones 08. All Night Long > 09. Turn On Your Lovelight > 10. All Night Long 11....

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Charlie Hunter Live at The Elbo Room on 1995-03-30

T.J.Kirk 3/30/95 Elbo Room San Francisco, CA Source-Shoeps MK4>Sony D-7 By-Chris Preston Set1 1.I Got to Move>In Walked Bud 2.Cold Sweat>Rip, Rig, and Panic 3.Bemsha Swing 4.Epistrophy 5.Soul Planet 6.Freaks of the Festival 7.Closing Jam Set2 1....

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California Honeydrops Live at Ranco Nicasio on 2008-07-13

California Honeydrops Ranco Nicasio Nicasio, CA 13-JULY-2008 *** MP3 Source *** FOH: Todd Rold Transferred By: RasBobre Recordings.

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Deadstein Live at Home Studios on 2020-09-22

Kevin Forrester and Larry Gindoff Originals.

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Linux on Lenovo, jdk transition to Git, and more industry trends

Person standing in front of a giant computer screen with numbers, data
As part of my role as a principal communication strategist at an enterprise software company with an open source development model, I publish a regular update about open source community, market, and industry trends. Here are some of my and their favorite articles from that update.

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The Falling Leaves

Leaves Of Grass, an experimental music ensemble plays "The Falling Leaves" by Larry Heyl at his Junior Composition Recital. The piece begins with the percussionist pouring a bucket of leaves onto the stage and then shaking a large bag of leaves. All the musicians read from the score spread out in front of them with another copy of the score facing the audience. There are no bar lines or tempo marks. Many of the parts are improvised from a set of notes. Every time the piece is played it's different.

Gymnadenia odoratissima - Niitvälja bog.jpg

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Passageway - Funchal 01.jpg

Uploaded by user "Llez" on Sat, 19 Sep 2020 11:30:00 GMT
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Wikimedia Commons picture of the day for September 23

Picture of the day
2014.03.09.-23-Kaefertaler Wald-Mannheim-Fruehlings-Scharbockskraut.jpg
The blossom of Ficaria verna. Taken in Mannheim in Käfertaler Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

So Close.

this is a diesel sweeties comic strip

Why *are* they called smartphones, anyway?

Latzfonser Kreuz mit Dolomiten.jpg

Uploaded by user "Milseburg" on Mon, 07 Sep 2020 13:19:00 GMT
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