My open source disaster recovery strategy for the home office

Person using a laptop
I've worked from home for years, and with the COVID-19 crisis, millions more have joined me. Teachers, accountants, librarians, stockbrokers… you name it, these workers now operate full or part time from their homes. Even after the coronavirus crisis ends, many will continue working at home, at least part time. But what happens when the home worker's computer fails? Whether the device is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop—and whether the problem is hardware or software—the result might be missed workdays and lots of frustration.

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Understanding Linus's Law for open source security

Hand putting a Linux file folder into a drawer
In 2021, there are more reasons why people love Linux than ever before. In this series, I'll share 21 different reasons to use Linux. This article discusses Linux's influence on the security of open source software.

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Jimmy Herring Live at BB King's on 2014-02-06

The Ringers 02/06/2014 BB King's, New York, NY Source: Schoeps mk21 (Stage Lip, NOS) -> kc-5 -> cmc5 -> Sonosax SX-M2 -> Sound Devices 744T -> WAV (@24/96); Transfer: WAV -> SoundForge Pro 10.0d (normalize, fades; 96->44.1 iZotope 64-Bit SRC at higher than "Highest Quality" setting w/anti-alias fi....

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Rouleau de Bostan 07.jpg

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7 Walkers Live at Revolution Live on 2010-10-22

7 Walkers Revolution Live Fort Lauderdale, FL 2010-10-22 Source: Aud> Audio Technica's AT2020's> Digi Mod Edirol UA 5> Zoom H2 Taped by G-Man 01 Space 02 Bertha 03 King Cotton Blues 04 Intros 05 Junko Partner 06 Mr....

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Deploy Ceph in a Raspberry Pi cluster

Vector, generic Raspberry Pi board
Ceph is an open source software storage platform that provides object, block, and filesystem storage in a unified storage cluster. I first used Ceph when I integrated it with OpenStack. At first, I was confused about why I should use Ceph since storage devices are widely available.

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7 Bash tutorials to enhance your command line skills in 2021

Terminal command prompt on orange background
Bash is the default command line shell on most Linux systems. So why not learn how to get the most out of it? This year, featured many great articles to help you leverage the power of the Bash shell. These are some of the most-read articles about Bash:

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Radiated tortoise (Astrochelys radiata) Tsimanampetsotsa.jpg

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The 2020 CC Global Summit Keynotes Are Here!

We have exciting news…we published the keynotes from the 2020 CC Global Summit!

In addition to the 170+ sessions hosted at last year’s virtual event, we hosted three keynotes that helped us think through how to connect the events of 2020 with our work—and find a path forward in hope and optimism. We’re excited to share these recordings of the keynotes with you today!
A Culture of Peace

This keynote featured Bushra Ebadi (Canadian Commission for UNESCO), Deepak Ramola (Project FUEL), Leonardo Párraga (Juventudes Por La Paz), and Asha Siad (Memories of Mogadishu). It fostered a necessary discussion on the role “open” plays in advancing peace, challenging the audience to critically examine preconceived notions of open access, open culture, and open knowledge, and to understand the role decolonized and democratized conceptions of these terms will serve in building the future we want. For more on this keynote, check out this Twitter thread!

Hacer Feminista Lo Abierto: Poniendo Nuevos Engranes a La Cultura Libre

This keynote featured Irene Soria (CC Mexico). Given in Spanish, it set the stage for exploring new definitions of “open.” Using intersectionality as a framing, Irene helped us navigate the relationships between race, gender, and social class as new ways of seeing the open movement. For more on this keynote, check out this Twitter thread!

Democracy for Sale

This keynote featured Catherine Stihler (CC CEO) and Alek Tarkowski (CC Board Member) speaking with Peter Geoghegan (author of Democracy for Sale). They discussed the links between fighting for our democracies and fighting for “open” and the public interest. For more on this keynote, check out this Twitter thread!

What’s next?

We’re still working on receiving permission from the speakers to publicly release all of the CC Global Summit video recordings. Once that process is completed, we’ll start creating a catalog on the CC Global Summit website of the approved videos. We ask for your patience and understanding during this process. Thank you!

Missed the CC Global Summit? Take a look at our wrap-up!

As a nonprofit, Creative Commons relies on the generosity of the public to make events like the CC Global Summit possible. If you attended and loved your time at the CC Summit, please consider donating what you can. ✌ Thank you!

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Wikimedia Commons picture of the day for January 12

Picture of the day
Lake Sylvester during the sunrise, Kahurangi, New Zealand.jpg
Lake Sylvester during the sunrise. The picture was taken near Iron Lake looking towards Nelson. Kahurangi National Park, New Zealand

Wikimedia Commons media of the day for January 12

Media of the day
Animation of 109P/Swift–Tuttle orbit.gif
Animation of the large periodic comet Swift–Tuttle. The orbital period is 133 years and is drawn from 1875 to 2100.
Sun · Earth · Jupiter · Saturn · Uranus · Comet Swift–Tuttle

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15 favorite programming tutorials and insights

Learning and studying technology is the key to success
Happy new year! 2020 was one heck of an unusual year with the COVID-19 pandemic pushing us to stay at home and dramatically transforming our lifestyles. However, a time like this is also the best time to start picking up a new programming language or to level up your existing programming skillset. We begin with some light reading: What is your first programming language? and Why developers like to code at night. Next, we have articles about some specific programming languages like C, D, and Awk.

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8 tips for the Linux command line

Terminal command prompt on orange background
The Linux command line provides a great deal of flexibility. Whether you are managing a server or launching a terminal window on a desktop system, the command line brings with it an extensive toolkit to update files, tweak system performance, and manage processes. The command line is where it's at.

Testifying to the command line's popularity, publishes many excellent articles about how to get the most out of your system. The following were some of's most-read articles about Linux commands in 2020:

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So Far From Home

I wrote this song when recording "For My Dad" and it's been one of my favorites. I could hear the part "When e'er I roam So far from home" in my head so I knew there had to be lyrics for it. Also on Youtube.

The Gifts of Asti by Andre Norton

Original artwork from Project Gutenberg - public domain

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Gifts of Asti, by Andre Alice Norton

* * * * *



She was the guardian of the worlds, but HER world was dead.

Even here, on the black terrace before the forgotten mountain retreat of
Asti, it was possible to smell the dank stench of burning Memphir, to
imagine that the dawn wind bore upward from the pillaged city the faint
tortured cries of those whom the barbarians of Klem hunted to their
prolonged death. Indeed it was time to leave–

Varta, last of the virgin Maidens of Asti, shivered. The scaled and
wattled creature who crouched beside her thigh turned his reptilian head
so that golden eyes met the aquamarine ones set slantingly at a faintly
provocative angle in her smooth ivory face.

“We go–?”

She nodded in answer to that unvoiced question Lur had sent into her
brain, and turned toward the dark cavern which was the mouth of Asti’s
last dwelling place. Once, more than a thousand years before when the
walls of Memphir were young, Asti had lived among men below. But in the
richness and softness which was trading Memphir, empire of empires, Asti
found no place. So He and those who served Him had withdrawn to this
mountain outcrop. And she, Varta, was the last, the very last to bow
knee at Asti’s shrine and raise her voice in the dawn hymn–for Lur, as
were all his race, was mute.

Even the loot of Memphir would not sate the shaggy headed warriors who
had stormed her gates this day. The stairway to Asti’s Temple was plain
enough to see and there would be those to essay the steep climb hoping
to find a treasure which did not exist. For Asti was an austere God,
delighting in plain walls and bare altars. His last priest had lain in
the grave niches these three years, there would be none to hold that
gate against intruders.
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Egon Schiele - Portrait of Wally Neuzil - Google Art Project.jpg

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Turn your Raspberry Pi into a HiFi music system

HiFi vintage stereo
For the past 10 years, I've worked remotely most of the time, but when I go into the office, I sit in a room full of fellow introverts who are easily disturbed by ambient noise and talking. We discovered that listening to music can suppress office noise, make voices less distracting, and provide a pleasant working environment with enjoyable music.

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Hairy Larry - Tivo For Internet Radio

Hairy Larry talks about how to use cvlc to record streaming radio shows to your hard drive in his introductory Related To Geeks vlog. Also on Youtube.

The Art of Whaling: Illustrations from the Logbooks of Nantucket Whaleships

The 19th-century whale hunt was a brutal business, awash with blubber, blood, and the cruel destruction of life. But between the frantic calls of “there she blows!”, there was plenty of time for creation too. Jessica Boyall explores the rich vein of illustration running through the logbooks and journals of Nantucket whalers.

Eilen Jewell Live at Wesleyan University on 2009-11-06

Eilen Jewell Band Wesleyan University Middletown, CT 2009-11-06 Source: Audience (rough) [72:33] 01. Sweet Rose 02. Everywhere I Go 03. banter 04. Rain Roll In 05. Sea Of Tears 06. Fading Memory 07....

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PVC by Larry Heyl and Rootless Voicings for Jazz Piano

Here's an example of how to use rootless voicings to comp on a circle of fifths change. I call the change "PVC". I wrote it for this video Cm9 F7 Fm7 Bb9-Bb7 Bbm9 Eb7 AbM7 Abm7-Db7 (the chords with a dash between them are 2 beats each) And hear's how the voicings are spelled. chord LH RH Cm9 -- 3-7-9 --- 5-9 F7 --- 7-3-5 --- 9-5 Fm7 -- 7-3-5 --- 9-5 Bb9 -- 3-7-9 --- 5-9 Bbm9 - 3-7-9 --- 5-9 Eb7 -- 7-3-5 --- 9-5 AbM9 - 3-7-9 --- 5-9 Abm9 - 3-7-9 --- 5-9 Db7 -- 7-3-5 --- 9-5 These are known as Hearle voicings. Dan Hearle lays these and many others out in his book, "Jazz Piano Voicing Skills". Notice how the voicings alternate as you progress around the circle of fifths. This is called smooth voice leading and efficient motion. This technique avoids large hand jumps while playing. If you played all of these chords in root position your hand would be traveling about a half octave every time you moved to a new root in the circle of fifths. Voicing the chords this way you get many common tones and only one or two notes varying by a whole step or half step. Hence, smooth voice leading and efficient motion. One other thing to note is the use of parallel minor chords following dominant or major chords. This also helps the voice leading. Going from F7 to Bb9 is fine with two notes moving and one common tone in the left hand, Eb A C to D Ab C. Adding the parallel minor in between means there is only one voice moving with each change, Eb A C to Eb Ab C to D Ab C. Of course, the most important thing about any jazz comping technique is the sound. Rootless voicings are harder to learn and easier to play. The reason so many jazz pianists use them is because they sound great. Also on Youtube.

Phantasmagorical by Larry Heyl Recorded at HairyLarryLand January 12, 2017 Personnel Larry Heyl - piano and percussion Hydrogen - snare drum Audio was recorded in one take with no overdubs or edits. Video from electric sheep megapack 50a by Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep Music and Video are licensed Creative Commons Attribution Recorded to my Zoom H6 using the xy microphones attached Audio post production was done in audacity and SAW Classic. Then flac --best. Video produced in Open Shot on Linux. Also on Youtube.

Spinnennetz IMG 8414.jpg

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Wasserfall Eisgraben.jpg

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How I prioritize tasks on my to-do list

Team checklist and to dos
In prior years, this annual series covered individual apps. This year, we are looking at all-in-one solutions in addition to strategies to help in 2021. Welcome to day 4 of 21 Days of Productivity in 2021. In this article, I'll examine a strategy for prioritizing tasks on a to-do list. To find the open source tool that suits your routine, check out this list.

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Eyesight To The Blind

Delta Legends play the Sonny Boy classic, "Eyesight To The Blind" on the Cedell Davis Stage at the King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, Arkansas on October 5, 2018. Also on Youtube.

PeerTube v3, an alternative to centralized video platforms like YouTube, is now live! Read more about the new release from our friends at @framasoft,, and subscribe to our PeerTube channel at !

Symphyotrichum novae-angliae3.jpg

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La Bohémienne endormie.jpg

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Learn awk by coding a "guess the number" game

question mark in chalk
When you learn a new programming language, it's good to focus on the things most programming languages have in common:
  • Variables – places where information is stored
  • Expressions – ways to calculate things
  • Statements – the means by which state changes are expressed in a program
These concepts are the basis of most programming languages.

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3 plain text note-taking tools

Typewriter with hands
In prior years, this annual series covered individual apps. This year, we are looking at all-in-one solutions in addition to strategies to help in 2021. Welcome to day 5 of 21 Days of Productivity in 2021.

Plain text is the most resilient format for documents. Plain text documents are small, transfer quickly between machines, and can be read on any device. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to take notes in a plain text document.

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Wikipedia celebrates 20 years of free, trusted information for the world

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Jimmy Herring Live at Cox Capitol Theatre on 2009-04-28

Jimmy Herring Band April 28, 2009 Macon, GA @ Cox Capitol Theatre Source: akg 463>oade tmod R4 24/48>firewire>pc dfc 25 ft from stage low balcony rail Transfer:pc>audacity dither>tlh flac 8 t&s by c.cage re-seeded 2021-01-12 01....

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Derek Trucks Band Live at Maritime Hall on 1999-12-31

Derek Trucks Band Maritime Hall San Francisco, CA 1999-12-31 Source: Soundfield St250 > Sonosax > Apogee AD1000 Cello Lmt. Ed. > HHB Porta Dat TC. [46:45] 01. Rastaman Chant 02. Preachin' Blues > 03....

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How to use KDE's productivity suite, Kontact

Working on a team, busy worklife
In prior years, this annual series covered individual apps. This year, we are looking at all-in-one solutions in addition to strategies to help in 2021. Welcome to day 6 of 21 Days of Productivity in 2021.

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