[Free]Type Beat 2021 (Sunset n Beachz - Ofshane) | Hyperpop, Kid laroi, Gunna, Iann dior Type Beat | Free to use & No Copyright.

 [Free]Type Beat 2021 (Sunset n Beachz - Ofshane) | Hyperpop, Kid laroi, Gunna, Iann dior Type Beat | Free to use & No Copyright.submitted by /u/Aggressive-Junket-27
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Blue jay in PP (30960).jpg

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Perform Linux memory forensics with this open source tool

Brain on a computer screen
A computer's operating system and applications use the primary memory (or RAM) to perform various tasks. This volatile memory, containing a wealth of information about running applications, network connections, kernel modules, open files, and just about everything else is wiped out each time the computer restarts.

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Upgrade your Linux PC hardware using open source tools

Business woman on laptop sitting in front of window
In my article on identifying Linux performance bottlenecks using open source tools, I explained some simple ways to monitor Linux performance using open source graphical user interface (GUI) tools. I focused on identifying performance bottlenecks, situations where a hardware resource reaches its limits and holds back your PC's performance.

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Start programming in Deno, an alternative to Node.js

Woman sitting in front of her laptop
Deno is a simple, modern, and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. It is an open source project created by Ryan Dahl, who developed Node.js. In Try Deno as an alternative to Node.js, I introduced Deno's features and explained how to install and run it.

Here, I will help you quickly get started with Deno by explaining:

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English Translation of Finland's Epic Poem, The Kalevala (1898)

John Martin Crawford's translation of a 19th-century work of epic poetry compiled by Elias Lönnrot from Karelian and Finnish oral folklore and mythology.

Build a to-do list app in React with hooks

Team checklist and to dos
React is one of the most popular and simple JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces (UIs) because it allows you to create reusable UI components.

Components in React are independent, reusable pieces of code that serve as building blocks for an application. React functional components are JavaScript functions that separate the presentation layer from the business logic. According to the React docs, a simple, functional component can be written like:

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Read and write files with Bash

bash logo on green background
When you're scripting with Bash, sometimes you need to read data from or write data to a file. Sometimes a file may contain configuration options, and other times the file is the data your user is creating with your application. Every language handles this task a little differently, and this article demonstrates how to handle data files with Bash and other POSIX shells.

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Linux powers the internet, confirms EU commissioner

Penguin driving a car with a yellow background
In 20 years of EU digital policy in Brussels, I have seen growing awareness and recognition among policymakers in Europe of the importance of open source software (OSS). A recent keynote by EU internal market commissioner Thierry Breton at the annual EU Open Source Policy Summit in February provides another example—albeit with a sense of urgency and strategic opportunity that has been largely missing in the past.

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Identify Linux performance bottlenecks using open source tools

Lightning in a bottle
Computers are integrated systems that only perform as fast as their slowest hardware component. If one component is less capable than the others—if it falls behind and can't keep up—it can hold your entire system back. That's a performance bottleneck. Removing a serious bottleneck can make your system fly.

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How to use the Linux sed command

Penguin with green background
Few Unix commands are as famous as sed, grep, and awk. They get grouped together often, possibly because they have strange names and powerful tools for parsing text. They also share some syntactical and logical similarities. And while they're all useful for parsing text, each has its specialties. This article examines the sed command, which is a stream editor.

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Lost Sky - Dreams Pt.II (feat. Sara Skinner) [BASSBOOSTED]

Lost Sky - Dreams Pt.II (feat. Sara Skinner) [BASSBOOSTED]submitted by /u/MusicKitFreeMusic
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Oxford - Merton College - 0815.jpg

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10 open source tools for content creators

Painting art on a computer screen
There are a lot of well-known open source applications used in web design, but there are also many great tools that are not as popular. I thought I'd challenge myself to find some obscure options on the chance I might find something useful.

Open source offers a wealth of options, so it's no surprise that I found 10 new applications that I now consider indispensable to my work.


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I make music that you can use for free! This is my newest chill electronic track, hope you like it :)

I make music that you can use for free! This is my newest chill electronic track, hope you like it :)submitted by /u/Gaggel69
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My favorite open source tools to meet new friends

Two people chatting via a video conference app
In March 2020, I joined the rest of the world in quarantine at home for two weeks. Then, two weeks turned into more. And more. It wasn't too hard on me at first. I had been working a remote job for a year already, and I'm sort of an introvert in some ways. Being at home was sort of "business as usual" for me, but I watched as it took its toll on others, including my wife.

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Dumpstaphunk Live at Mardi Gras World on 2016-09-30

Dumpstaphunk September 30, 2016 New Orleans, LA @ Mardi Gras World - Bear Creek Bayou - Bayou Stage (large outdoor stage) HiMD > WAV Recorded by Bryan Belay 01. Deeper 02. Reality of The Situation 03. Meanwhile 04....

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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe Live at Mardi Gras World on 2016-10-01

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe October 1, 2016 New Orleans, LA @ Mardi Gras World - Bear Creek Bayou - Bayou Stage (large outdoor stage) HiMD > WAV Recorded by Bryan Belay Normalized and tracked by Funk It Blog 01....

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Major Mitchell's Cockatoo 1 - Mt Grenfell.jpg

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Major Mitchell's Cockatoo - Mt Grenfell.jpg

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10 articles you should read right now by women in tech

Diversity team meeting
"Women in tech" is a label we use to describe humans who identify as women who are working in or playing with "tech," which is a broad term itself these days as it's all around us, touching almost everyone's life in a myriad of ways.

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Cast your Android device with a Raspberry Pi

A person looking at a phone
It's hard to stay away from the gadgets we use on a daily basis. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, I want to make sure I don't miss out on the important notifications from friends and family that pop up on my phone screen. I'm also busy and do not want to get lost in distractions, and picking up a phone and replying to messages tends to be distracting.

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Mike Mizwinski Live at River Street Jazz Cafe on 2009-02-14

Set List: 01 Was a Time 02 Katie's Song 03 Staring at the Sun 04 New Morning Sky 05 The Dopesick Blues 06 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away 07 Fiddlers Dram 08 Whiskey Before Breakfast 09 Wink 10 NYC Skyline 11 Time for Time 12 Canyon Echoes Glow Mike Mizwinski River Street Jazz Cafe Plains, PA Febr....

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Her Story: Facing Our Greatest Challenges

An illustration of a little girl on a swingsetSeeing is Believing” by Linoca Souza, licensed CC BY-NC-SA.
For over 40 years, millions across the globe have collectively celebrated the achievements, histories, ideas, and contributions of women on March 8 and increasingly, throughout March for Women’s History Month using # and #. This year, we wanted to do something special to celebrate this annual event, so we reached out to several members of the Creative Commons Global Network and the broader open community to ask them to share their personal stories, ideas, and insights by responding to five questions. The result is this five-part blog series called, “Her Story.” Throughout this series, we’ll also be highlighting the work of women artists who submitted pieces to Fine Acts’ Reimagining Human Rights challenge.

Our hope is that these conversations will inspire you to reflect on your own stories and ideas. We also hope it will motivate you to think about how you can help make open sharing more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable. Put simply, we want to make sharing better—to do that, we need your help.

In part two of this series, participants responded to the following questions: What is the biggest challenge facing the open movement today? And what’s the solution?
  • Florence Devouard | Co-Lead, Wiki Loves Women; Wikimedian for 19 years; Former Chairwoman, Wikimedia Foundation
Je pense que notre plus gros challenge aujourd’hui est de parvenir à rester pertinent au regard des évolutions actuelles, quelles soient technologiques ou sociétales. Par exemple prendre en compte la fragmentation des réseaux et les actes de censure qui limitent la libre participation et la libre circulation des contenus. Ou par exemple être capables de donner accès aux informations sous différents formats technologiques, faciliter le partage d’information entre plateformes. Par exemple améliorer l’expérience utilisateur-trice, en fournissant un service respectueux des besoins de chaque personne. A beaucoup d’égard, notre mouvement était très novateur il y a 15-20 ans. Est-ce toujours le cas aujourd’hui ? On ne peut sans doute pas rivaliser avec les innovations technologiques des GAFA, mais notre mouvement est certainement capable de montrer le chemin et inspirer sur le plan humain au regard d’innovations liées à notre fonctionnement collectif.

EN: I think that our biggest challenge today is to remain relevant with regard to current developments, whether technological or societal. For example, take into account the fragmentation of networks and acts of censorship which limit free participation and the free circulation of content, or being able to provide access to information in different technological formats or facilitate the sharing of information between platforms. For example, improving the user experience by providing a service that respects the needs of each person. In many ways, our movement was very innovative 15-20 years ago. Is this still the case today? We can undoubtedly not compete with the technological innovations of GAFA, but our movement is certainly capable of showing the way and inspiring people on the human level with regard to innovations linked to our collective functioning.Volunteerism and Eurocentrism—the idea that if someone loves doing something they can do this for free—is unsustainable and exploitative, to say the least. There is also more recognition for white men in anything open culture and this to me considers that they’re more knowledgeable and important to the movement; I say every day that for every one brilliant white man you know in the open movement, there are at least ten brilliant Black women doing the same thing without receiving any recognition or support because of this white exceptionalism.
  • İlkay Holt | Representative to the CC Global Network Council, CC Turkey
There are many challenges in the open movement. I guess the most prominent ones today are equity and diversity. Equity in access to knowledge and diversity in terms of language and communities. The COVID-19 pandemic proved how large the gap is in access to knowledge around the world but also proved the status quo can be changed if challenged. A short, great article on this is availablehere.
  • Irene Soria Guzmán | Representative to the Global Network Council, CC México; feminista; académica y activista de la cultura libre
Uno de los retos es luchar contra la idea “individualista” de “autor único” que crea solo, por que no nos permite ver que se “crea” en comunidad y para los demás. La solución podría ser, hacerle ver al mundo que pensar en “comunidad” nos beneficia más. “Soy por que somos”

EN: One of the challenges is to fight against the “individualistic” idea of a “unique author” who creates alone because it does not allow us to see that they are “creating” in a community and for others. The solution could be to make the world see that thinking about “community” benefits us more. Put simply, “I am because we are.”
  • Isla Haddow-Flood | Chair and Advancement Lead, Wiki In Africa; CoProject Lead, Wiki Loves Women
The open movement has come so far in the nearly 10 years since I have been officially involved. Ultimately the open movement is a brave new world—so different from the corporate mindset. Like anything new, it has had teething problems and difficulties settling. Perhaps the elements that have been holding it back are those very elements that make it so powerful: the multiple voices, needs, and requirements that all the various and diverse stakeholders have. The strategic discussions that have been happening among some of the major players are definitely helping to drive the movement beyond its awkward teenage years.

With regards to individual involvement, I think the main challenge is still the lack of multiple fun and engaging pathways open to people so they can see how they can benefit personally or professionally. Most people still come to the movement through word of mouth or professional advancement. Across Africa, there is still a lot of confusion and a lack of applied knowledge around copyright and the open movement. So much more could happen if people understood the benefits and applications better. I would encourage greater visibility drives at the national and thematic level with fun ways to engage with and adopt the many open movement tools and resources that are available. Local aligned open organisations, affiliates, and chapters should work together more towards this aim.
  • Mariana Valente | Director, InternetLab; Professor, Insper University; 2019-2020 CC Brazil lead
The internet has changed—new challenges have emerged that divide our attention. The environment is much more complex than it was 20 years ago in terms of business models for the entertainment industry, new controls over users, and the opaqueness of injustices in the knowledge ecosystem. I think our message used to be simpler and clearer.

However, the open movement has crucial solutions for many of the issues we are facing today, such as misinformation, walled gardens, online violence and discrimination, and geopolitical inequalities in the digital environment. Thankfully, many people in the open community have realized this. We must face these problems boldly and proactively—and make the connections to openness crystal clear. Free knowledge and culture are at the center of the digital transformation agenda and are critical for overcoming global inequalities in the information era.
  • Primah Kwagala | Executive Director, Women’s Probono Initiative (Uganda)
The biggest challenge in my opinion is the fear by content creators that they won’t be able to realise royalty for their creations if their work is made freely available to the public. This is a fear that we have to dispel. If the work is openly licenced online but commercialised in hardcopies, I find it a bigger and better marketing strategy. People still prefer flipping papers and the smell and sound of paper. They can still buy physical copies of the work and the creators can still make significant gains out of their creation.

👋 There’s more! You can now read part one of our “Her Story” blog series here. Part three, four, and five will be published Monday mornings (EST) throughout the month of March. Stay tuned!

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Jazz Mandolin Project Live at Globe Theater on 1996-03-22

live performance recording.

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Reggae Love Song

Striding The Blast does James Carvell's original song, "Reggae Love Song", at the Craighead Forest Bandshell in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Also on Youtube.

Learn Python dictionary values with Jupyter

Hands on a keyboard with a Python book
Dictionaries are the Python programming language's way of implementing data structures. A Python dictionary consists of several key-value pairs; each pair maps the key to its associated value.

For example, say you're a teacher who wants to match students' names to their grades. You could use a Python dictionary to map the keys (names) to their associated values (grades).

If you need to find a specific student's grade on an exam, you can access it from your dictionary. This lookup shortcut should save you time over parsing an entire list to find the student's grade.

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Collect sensor data with your Raspberry Pi and open source tools

Working from home at a laptop
I have lived in 100-plus-year-old brick houses for most of my life. They look nice, they are comfortable, and usually, they are not too expensive. However, humidity is high in the winter in my climate, and mold is a recurring problem. A desktop thermometer that displays relative humidity is useful for measuring it, but it does not provide continuous monitoring.

In comes the Raspberry Pi: It is small, inexpensive, and has many sensor options, including temperature and relative humidity. It can collect data around the clock, do some alerting, and forward data for analysis.

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Our Response To Canada’s Copyright Term Extension Consultation

On 29 January 2020, the Canadian federal government introduced Bill C-4, “An Act to Implement the Agreement between Canada, the United States of America and the United Mexican States” (CUSMA).1 The bill includes a proposal to extend copyright’s term of protection2 by 20 years, moving it from “life of the author + 50 years” (the international minimum standard as per the Berne Convention and TRIPS Agreement) to “life + 70 years.” An open consultation process is open until 12 March 2021 and Creative Commons, together with Creative Commons Canada, submitted comments to remind the Government of Canada of the imperative to preserve the public domain and safeguard the public interest in access to copyright works despite an inevitable term extension.

Extending copyright’s term harms the public domain

At Creative Commons, we believe that copyright policy should encourage creativity, not hamper it. In a balanced copyright system, the rights and interests granted to both creators and the general public are necessary to stimulate vibrant creativity and foster the sharing of knowledge. We’ve previously made it clear that excessive copyright terms inhibit our ability to build upon and rework creative content. A 20-year extension effectively keeps creative works out of the public domain for two extra decades. This is an incredible loss given the role of the public domain as the trove of materials on which contemporary creativity depends.

There is no reason for copyright protection to last as long as it already does—let alone be further extended. In fact, we argue for the term of protection to be significantly reduced. A brief filed by leading economists in the 2002 Eldred v. Ashcroft case demonstrated how the costs of a term extension outweigh the benefits. In a 2009 paper, economist Rufus Pollock estimated the optimal copyright term to be about 15 years. Adding 20 years is a huge step in the wrong direction.

An extension is also going to negatively impact the sectors hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, namely the education, academic and GLAM3/cultural sectors, as pointed out by Canadian copyright academic Michael Geist who called the copyright term extension “bad policy.” With copyright erecting so many unnecessary barriers preventing the free flow of knowledge and culture, extending its length flies in the face of policy efforts made to increase access to knowledge in times of crisis and of community efforts to reduce the effects of the pandemic.

Canada must uphold the public domain

As stated in the Industry Committee’s 2019 recommendations — which we praised upon their release — there is no way around Canada’s obligation to extend the term under the CUSMA trade agreement. Despite the inevitable term extension, Canada’s copyright policy should still strive to promote a robust and universally accessible public domain. In fact, Canadian ministers have indicated in the past some support of the public domain, stating that copyright law “should ensure […] that users benefit from a public domain.” Accompanying mitigation measures must include a registration obligation (as generally recommended by the COMMUNIA Association) or other types of formalities for creators wishing to benefit from the extra 20 years of protection.
Despite the inevitable term extension, Canada’s copyright policy should still strive to promote a robust and universally accessible public domain.
In line with our 2021-2025 strategy, we encourage collaboration among open advocates defending the public interest in Canada to push for a balanced copyright regime that truly rewards creators and upholds the rights of users to access, reuse, and further contribute to the public domain.

We will also continue to make available to creators a simple tool to enable them to waive their copyright using CC0 and share their creations under open CC licenses to recalibrate a copyright system that is too tilted against sharing and collaboration. Around the world, we will also continue to hold our strong stance against any copyright term extension to ensure better sharing and uphold the public domain as our shining light in times of darkness.


1. The Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement CUSMA (or USMCA) is a trade agreement between the three North American countries that entered into force on July 1, 2020.

2. The copyright term is the period of time during which creators can enjoy exclusive rights over how their works are used.

3. GLAM refers to galleries, libraries, archives and museums.

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Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band Live at The Hamilton on 2018-07-28

Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band The Hamilton Washington, DC Saturday, July 28, 2018 2018-07-28 Set 1 01 announcements 02 intro 03 Warriors 04 talk 05 Hwehwe Mu Na Yi Wo Mpena 06 Solomon's Party 07 talk 08 Weigh Your Blessings 09 No Condition Is Permanent 10 talk 11 Akumpaye 12 talk 13 Gagne Perdu 14 tal....

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