Tab Benoit Live at Kessler Theater on 2021-02-11

Tab Benoit Kessler Theater Oak Cliff, TX 2021-02-11 Source: Church-Audio STC-11 Cardioids > Church-Audio STC-9100 pre-amp > Edirol R-09 > Kingston 4G C6 SDHC Memory Card @ 24 bit/48.1 kHz Transfer: SD Memory Card > USB > Hard Drive > Audition 2.0 Recorded by Looney Night 1, Early show, (of 2 night....

This item belongs to: etree/TabBenoit.

This item has files of the following types: 24bit Flac, Archive BitTorrent, Flac FingerPrint, Item Tile, JPEG, Metadata, Text

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