Fantastic :)

[bookmark=]Big news!!! I’ve been dying to talk about this for a year and a half!!!

Last year... I did some Motion Capture for @CrystalDynamics’ @PlayAvengers in my wheelchair👩🏻‍🦽

A sneak peek at the character based on my moves! And look, it’s me with real life stunt men!!! In a funny suit!!

A character with special powers in a wheelchair holding some kind of ball of energy. She has blue skin, a pony tail, jeans and cute shoes. Her wheelchair is modern and sleek
Me on a motion capture set with stunt men
Me in motion looking around and holding my arms out
This is so cool. I love the live action suits. I can see them used in VR gaming where you could be a bear or a Klingon.
Adam Gaskins mastodon (AP)
that is super cool! Looks like a blast!

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