VideoFreex presents: Mountain, at the 1970 New York Pop Festival

This is not my video. I have no rights to it. I'm posting it anyway, because of what it represents. This is an entirely amateur video production from 1970, documenting a concert from the band Mountain, made by some folks who recognized that independent, DIY, participatory media was The Future, long before it was practical. "During the decade that the Freex were together, this pioneer video group amassed an archive of 1,500+ raw tapes and edits." 1500+ video tapes amassed over 10 years, all before the advent of the Camcorder. And now, the vast majority of them are locked up behind a 0+ paywall. "Television is one of the most revolutionary tools in the entire spectrum of technoanarchy" "[T]he new generation with its transnational interplanetary video consciousness will not tolerate the miniaturized vaudeville that is television as presently employed . We will liberate the media ." (So here, it's liberated.)

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