@Shrigglepuss Here's that Doom cross-stitch I mentioned, that my pal did!
A framed cross-stitch depicting the  entire roster of Doom baddies, in perfect pixel-art form.

A new major release of LibreOffice is coming up! Yes, LibreOffice 7.2 will include a bunch of new improvements and features – and is due to be released in August. Help our developer community to test and polish it:
LibreOffice 7.2 banner


Use a password manager! Even something like iCloud Keychain or Chrome PW are a good start. Even better, Bitwarden is available on like every platform, is open source, encrypted, has a bomb free tier, and works with things like FaceID and Windows Hello. It IS worth it!


🐘 Gemeinnüzzige Naturgeschichte des Thierreichs: .
Berlin ;bei Gottlieb August Lange, 1780-1789.

Tomorrow at 1800 EDT, I'm going to try out PeerTube's streaming feature. It probably won't compare to my hardware hacking streams, but if you'd like to see me learn some Rust ECS libraries:

Learn about the new # projects # is developing from the keynote by #'s President of Engineering & Innovation during the @opensuse Conference now.

New Playlist From JUne 18, 2021.

Hairy Larry Practicing Piano on Twitch livestream.

Hairy Larry Rocks "Sail Boats".

New Playlist From JUne 18, 2021.

Hairy Larry Practicing Piano on Twitch livestream.

This is Hairy Larry inviting you to enjoy Something Blue every Saturday night at ten. This week we’re featuring Dirk Quinn, Billy Jones, and Soule Monde. For more about the show visit the Something Blue website at

Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00 PM CST, at

Soule Monde Live at FTC Stage One on 2021-06-03

The Dirk Quinn Band Live at Whites Road Park on 2021-06-01

Billy Jones Bluez – KASU Bluesday Tuesday August 9, 2011

Gamer+ News June 13, 2021 from hairylarry's blog
\os Hx/s
\os \u/s

Tonight! On Inspired Unreality Ari and the Milyagon witch continue researching the potion book that Ari's cat Tude found near the witch's garden. So far they have tested a brew that enables far sighted telescopic vision. When stirred with the silver wand King Groads sent to the witch they also enabled microscopic vision. A kind of a scrying tea with a twist. They have decrypted another recipe that may be a love potion.

Join us on Inspired Unreality tonight to test a love potion or just to chat about gaming. Everyone is welcome. All gaming is on topic.

Inspired Unreality is held in the gamerplus chatrooms every Monday night at 9:00 at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. If you haven't been we have an invite for you here.

Every gamer knows about thieve's cant, words and symbols only thieves know. Inspired by Ari's book discovered on Inspired Unreality I am working on Witch's Chicken Scratch, a kind of shorthand that witch's in the past used to record the exact ingredients in their teas and potions. Since they knew their ingredients and how they blended them together all they needed was a short list to remind them exactly what they used.

Silent letters ignored, past witch's scrawled geometric figures in neat rows as a way of remembering their recipes while at the same time concealing them from prying eyes. Witches do love their secrets.

Ari and the Milyagon witch have deciphered two recipes so far. One is at the top of the page. Here are the witch's notes that she made while reseaching the book.

m = ^
n = ^
v = v
t = +
l = |
r = \
d = /
o = o
u = u
w = w
other vowels = x

See if you can decipher the recipe at the top of this newsletter.

Maybe it's a mood elevator.
Or maybe it's a love potion.

Join us tonight and maybe we'll find out.

After drinking this Tea of Prescience I can see another Milyagon minizine in the future, "Tea Recipes In Witch's Chicken Scratch".

Hairy Larry

Streaming for you now on brainman - playing ambient music for you on

# # # # #

🌍 The game-birds & water-fowl of South Africa
London, Witherby & co., 1912.

[Free]Type Beat 2021 (Sunset n Beachz - Ofshane) | Hyperpop, Kid laroi, Gunna, Iann dior Type Beat | Free to use & No Copyright.

 [Free]Type Beat 2021 (Sunset n Beachz - Ofshane) | Hyperpop, Kid laroi, Gunna, Iann dior Type Beat | Free to use & No Copyright.submitted by /u/Aggressive-Junket-27
[link] [comments]

Blue jay in PP (30960).jpg

Uploaded by user "Rhododendrites" on Fri, 16 Apr 2021 20:11:00 GMT
Added to category on Tue, 27 Apr 2021 05:01:12 GMT
Original image: 3319×4526 pixel; 9.221.062 bytes.
Licensing : CC-BY-SA

Perform Linux memory forensics with this open source tool

Brain on a computer screen
A computer's operating system and applications use the primary memory (or RAM) to perform various tasks. This volatile memory, containing a wealth of information about running applications, network connections, kernel modules, open files, and just about everything else is wiped out each time the computer restarts.

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Upgrade your Linux PC hardware using open source tools

Business woman on laptop sitting in front of window
In my article on identifying Linux performance bottlenecks using open source tools, I explained some simple ways to monitor Linux performance using open source graphical user interface (GUI) tools. I focused on identifying performance bottlenecks, situations where a hardware resource reaches its limits and holds back your PC's performance.

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The paper bag rustled and fell over. It continued to crinkle a bit longer before the cat decided it was bored and went to seek a spot in the sun, where it found a most amazing cardbox box that was perfect for a nap.

The genie watched over the dozing feline until it roused to search for a meal - a bowl of kibble was conjured.

If humans were this easy to satisfy, or this cute, I would never have retired, the genie reflected.

# # # # # #

🏝 The birds of Celebes and the neighbouring islands /
Berlin: R. Friedländer & Sohn, 1898.

🌄 Coloured figures of the birds of the British Islands / issued by Lord Lilford.
London: R. H. Porter, 1885-1897.

Review: Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Begins, a cooperative board game introduction to the world of D&D

In this review segment we take a look at the new D&D board game, Adventure Begins and try to answer the question: is this a good entry point into D&D?

Plan9 wants a community. The Spring 2021 Boot Camp continues into its 4th week with 41 participants.

# # # # #

🌍 De uitlandsche kapellen voorkomende in de drie waereld-deelen, Asia, Africa en America,.
Amsteldam, Chez S. J. Baalde;1779-1782.

If you listen to # you've heard @hairylarry host shows, but he's on twitch playing piano if you wanna check it out

HairyLarryLand Twitch Stream

I've been practicing piano on my twitch stream. So I get to practice while I stream and do video production at the same time. When I play something really good I excerpt it for Youtube.

My schedule is Tue, Thu, Sat at 3:00 PM Central.
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Low Earth Orbit on the HairyLarryLand twitch stream

YouTube: Low Earth Orbit (hairylarry)

Play along and record. The chord change is on the stream. I'm still working on the web presentation for this content.

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Gamer+ News April 12, 2021 from hairylarry's blog

Tonight on Inspired Unreality our opening topic will be really old school. RPGs predating D&D. Whether you played back in the day or just have some knowledge about it we will be glad to hear your input.

Inspired Unreality open game chat is held every Monday night at 9:00 Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Bring your own topic. All gaming is on topic. If you are new to Tenkar's Tavern we have an invitation for you here.

ZDL got a new game from Thinklab Games. It's a 16 circle peg and tower game. She posted a picture here.

We're on twitch! Well at least Megan and I are on twitch. Megan plays games with family and friends on megantopia. I practice piano on hairylarryland. Please check us out.

Do you stream on twitch? Or somewhere else? Do you host a regular chat? Or semi-regular? Let us know. My contact info is below or, better yet, post on Gamer+.

They say that word of mouth advertising is the best and that's good because it's all we can afford. Please tell a friend about Gamer+ or forward this email to your gaming friends.

Hairy Larry - on the fediverse

Something Blue - Currents

This is Hairy Larry inviting you to enjoy Something Blue every Saturday night at ten. This week we’re featuring Jazz Alliance, Richard Andersson, and SFJAZZ Collective. For more about the show visit the Something Blue website at

Don’t miss Something Blue, Saturday night at 10:00 PM CST, at

SFJazz Collective – The Music Of Joe Henderson

Richard Andersson Sustainable Quartet – Please Recycle

Jazz Alliance – Partly Cloudy
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Gamer+ News April 5, 2021 from hairylarry's blog

Tonight! Inspired Unreality! Open game chat at 9:00 Central in the gamerplus chatrooms at Tenkar's Tavern on Discord. Our opening topic will be magic systems. ZDL mentioned the Native American influences in Gunnerkrigg and it got me to thinking about how a magic system based on Native American folklore would work. Spirituality, talking to animals, sweat lodges, drugs, transmutation. Magic systems are a fascinating part of RPGs and fantasy literature. Join us tonight for an interesting discussion.

As always bring your own topic. All gaming is on topic. If you have never been to Tenkar's Tavern we have an invite for you here.

Start programming in Deno, an alternative to Node.js

Woman sitting in front of her laptop
Deno is a simple, modern, and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. It is an open source project created by Ryan Dahl, who developed Node.js. In Try Deno as an alternative to Node.js, I introduced Deno's features and explained how to install and run it.

Here, I will help you quickly get started with Deno by explaining:

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English Translation of Finland's Epic Poem, The Kalevala (1898)

John Martin Crawford's translation of a 19th-century work of epic poetry compiled by Elias Lönnrot from Karelian and Finnish oral folklore and mythology.

Build a to-do list app in React with hooks

Team checklist and to dos
React is one of the most popular and simple JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces (UIs) because it allows you to create reusable UI components.

Components in React are independent, reusable pieces of code that serve as building blocks for an application. React functional components are JavaScript functions that separate the presentation layer from the business logic. According to the React docs, a simple, functional component can be written like:

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Read and write files with Bash

bash logo on green background
When you're scripting with Bash, sometimes you need to read data from or write data to a file. Sometimes a file may contain configuration options, and other times the file is the data your user is creating with your application. Every language handles this task a little differently, and this article demonstrates how to handle data files with Bash and other POSIX shells.

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Linux powers the internet, confirms EU commissioner

Penguin driving a car with a yellow background
In 20 years of EU digital policy in Brussels, I have seen growing awareness and recognition among policymakers in Europe of the importance of open source software (OSS). A recent keynote by EU internal market commissioner Thierry Breton at the annual EU Open Source Policy Summit in February provides another example—albeit with a sense of urgency and strategic opportunity that has been largely missing in the past.

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Identify Linux performance bottlenecks using open source tools

Lightning in a bottle
Computers are integrated systems that only perform as fast as their slowest hardware component. If one component is less capable than the others—if it falls behind and can't keep up—it can hold your entire system back. That's a performance bottleneck. Removing a serious bottleneck can make your system fly.

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